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Open Source Email Address Verification Software

Mail address verification software is an effective tool for identifying invalid email addresses. It can help to prevent spam traps and typos. In addition, it can reduce bounce rates and improve inbox deliverability.

Several different open source email address verification software options exist. Selecting a tool that meets your needs and offers great customer support is essential. A high accuracy rate is important.

An email validation tool checks for invalid emails, typos and domain names. It also helps to identify known SPAM traps. The process can take some time if you have a large database of email addresses to check. However, it can save you a lot of time and storage space.

Mailboxlayer is an email verification API that links with several databases to provide you with detailed information about the email address you are checking. This includes a quality score, MX record, and SMTP-Check status. You can use the results to optimize your email campaign.

Another useful tool is the WhoisXML API. It provides real-time verification for email addresses. It supports 2000+ service providers, and its API has been proven to reduce bounce rates.

Aside from validating email addresses, it also removes hard bounces, temporary email addresses, and spam traps. Additionally, it integrates with ESPs and sender score reports.

The WhoisXML API supports a variety of email services, including Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and Outlook. With a few lines of code, developers can implement the API in their own products.




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